G Suite (Google) – What is my username?


G Suite (Google) usernames are a combination of your first name and a random number assigned to you.  An example for John Doe might be:


To locate a student email address and username you may:

  • Log in to the Campus Parent Portal at http://campusportal.ccsd.net/
      • Select More from the menu on the left side of the screen. (desktop version)
      • Select CCSD Standard Accounts from the menu in the center panel the screen. (desktop version)
      • On a mobile device the location of menus may be different but the names within them will be the same.
      • desktop-ic-account
  • Contact the school. If you don’t have the contact number, it can be located at ccsd.net.
  • Use MyAccount.ccsd.net  by choosing  the Reset Your Password… button then the Forgot my CCSD Standard UserID button on the next screen.
    • You can use the Student number to retrieve the email/username.
    • The Student number can be located in the Campus Parent Portal in the Today menu item on the left side of the screen (Desktop version).
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