G Suite (Google) – What is my password?


Your G Suite (Google) Username is used for AD (Active Directory).  The passwords are initially set to the same default password and both are also set when using MyAccount.ccsd.net  as directed on our Reset Password page.  Your AD account is used to access  CCSD systems like Canvas, Campus, and Clever. It is also used to access Windows & Apple computers inside your school.  If you are not sure or don’t remember what your username or password is, following the links above will give you information on how to reset your password in both Google and CCSD systems.  If this is the first time using your account, your school can tell you what your default password will be. Your Parent should be able to see your Google Username on their Campus Portal Account.

 Note: If you get errors only when logging into CCSD systems (like computers in a CCSD building or a CCSD system like Canvas Learning) but you can still login to Google, follow the reset password link above. This condition occurs when just the AD portion of your account is locked out and in some cases where it says it is disabled.

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